The Triumph of Evil
Fri, July 20, 2018 at 3:01PM
TechnoMonk in Culture, Politics
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

I am always appalled when politicians, pundits or others warn of an “impending” or “possible” constitutional crisis. What does that mean, “impending”? I, for one, believe we’re in the middle of that period right now with, quite literally, the future of our representative democracy at stake.

I have often said, and still believe, that the country will turn things around once we’ve hit bottom (to borrow that widely-used term from AA). Of course, where that bottom is, or when we’ll hit it, are open questions. For example, some thought that the Access Hollywood tape was a new low in American politics and that things couldn’t get any worse in the 2016 presidential race. Surely The Donald couldn’t win an election after that!

But we know what happened and, still, he persists. It’s the summer of 2018 and the Liar-in-Chief remains in the Oval. (Please, feel free to substitute “Bigot-in-Chief,” “Misogynist-in-Chief,” “Unstable-Idiot-in-Chief,” or some equivalent term, should you so choose.)

Then, Helsinki, this week. There has been much uproar, but tRump has doubled down and now says he’s inviting his Russian boss to the White House later this year.

It time to come together, America. And it’s especially time for rational, reasonable Republicans (for surely they exist) to step up, make themselves known, and to call the President out on his traitorous, dangerous, divisive, debilitating shit.

Please, it’s PAST time. Let’s call THIS POINT the bottom and start to turn things around before a world war and/or global economic collapse become the real bottom. Because that’s where I believe we’re headed.


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